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Project Overview

NDOT is in the process of reconstructing and repaving approximately two and a half miles of Glendale Avenue between Kietzke Lane in Reno and east McCarran Boulevard in Sparks.

Eighteen inches of old pavement and roadbed surface will be removed. The roadbed will then be recompacted for a sturdier roadway base and topped with six inches of new asphalt for a durable roadway surface.

A concrete road surface will be added at the heavily-traveled Rock Boulevard and Galetti Way intersections for additional durability.

Segments of sidewalk will also be added to create a continuous walkway along the north side of Glendale Avenue between approximately Kietzke Lane and the east McCarran Boulevard intersection. And, improved sidewalk ramps and more easily-accessible pedestrian crossing buttons will also be added to enhance pedestrian safety and mobility. In addition, roadway drainage improvements will be made as part of NDOT’s dedication to preserving the quality of stormwater crossing state roadways.

The approximately $14 million improvement project by contractor Granite Construction will improve Glendale Avenue for the as many as 14,500 vehicles traveling the road daily, including many heavy trucks and other commercial vehicles. The road was last fully repaved in 1995, with minor resurfacing in some areas more recently.

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